Design innovation and quality that smooths product/service launches. Surprise and delight your customers and clients.


Fix problems that you have in production. Mitigate warranty issues, customer complaints, and product flaws.


Adjust support functions. Find problems anywhere in the organization from the stockroom to the C-suite.

Client Case Studies

Heavy Equipment

ASI partnered with Caterpillar, using the LEO (Listen Enrich Optimize) Reactive and Proactive Methodology which resulted in savings of over $1B, doubling their revenue, and yielding over 250 new patents in a five year period.

Fortune 50 Automotive Manufacturer

ASI trained over 2000 technical, engineering and executive personnel in the LEO (Listen Enrich Optimize) methodology which provided over $3.5 billion in cost savings and revenue enhancement from over 600 projects in less than 3 years.  GM sustained this initial start from ASI with an additional $7 billion in savings in the next 4 years.

xecutive Team

ASI trained 2500 engineers in the LEO (Listen Enrich Optimize) Proactive methodology which resulted in over 100 technical innovations and patents and cost savings, 3500 projects and financial benefit of over $7 billion.

Global Food and Beverage

ASI trained 1000 operators, engineers and executives and saved over $50 million in 2 years.  Kellogg grew the savings to over $100 million using the LEO (Listen Enrich Optimize) Methodology


ASI Consulting Group reviewed the accreditation group’s 27 core offerings and identified the Internal Medicine Residency accreditation process as the best place to start.  The results were that work time within the process was reduced by 56 hours, a 30% reduction, and the number of process steps were reduced by 16%. The learnings from this process improvement were used to improve all 26 ACGME processes.

Industries Served

We have serviced hundreds of customers in many industries. Our customers report a 10X to 100X ROI through the use of ASI-CG methodologies and strategies.
LEO Methodology:  Proactive, Reactive, Transactional Problem Solving Strategies & Solutions for the whole organization, not just Manufacturing and Engineering



Construction & Mining

Defense & Aerospace


Electronics & High Tech

Food & Beverage


Industrial Products and Services

Nonprofit Organizations

Pioneers of Quality & Process Improvement

We are the pioneering organization for Quality and Process Improvement:

⦁ Taguchi Methods of Problem Solving - Robust Engineering

⦁ DFSS (Design for Six Sigma)

⦁ SBT (System Behavior Testing)

⦁ T-Method

⦁ Leo Problem Solving Methodology

⦁ Non-Profit

⦁ Real Estate

Subir Chowdhury: CEO of ASI-CG; Author & best seller, Thinkers 50 - 50 Most Influential Management Thinkers.

Shin Taguchi:  CTO of ASI-CG; Author & best seller, Quality Icon.

Bob Lutz:  Chief Strategy Officer of ASI-CG; Business and Automotive icon.

Our Expertise

Our expertise is based on combined years of experience creating strategy for management, quality, and productivity in every aspect of corporations, organizations, and government agencies. We have deep expertise in engineering, product and design processes, delivery and customer satisfaction for multiple industries across many different segments and situations. However, we do not just offer our accumulated experiences – we have true insight and mastery of business management.

We wrote the book(s) on quality
and business management.

We’re the experts you’ve been waiting for.

Our expertise can also be found in the many best-selling books that have been authored by our leaders, managers, and consultants. See the list below – one of our leaders has written 15 books on the topic, all published and distributed by major business book labels. Nearly all are still in print. Many of the books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide. Most have been translated into multiple languages. And quite a few of them are still used by our clients as part of their employee and staff training programs.

You’ll also see our expertise on display in the many articles written about ASI and the solutions that we have provided. You’ll also see the continuing development of our expertise it numerous case studies that document the positive effects that ASI Consulting Group has on major global Fortune 500 corporations, regional governments, and renown non-profit organizations. And you’ll see our expertise on display when you meet us at the many conferences and events that we either  participate or sponsor.

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