ASI Consulting Group offers expertise based on our combined years of strategy, quality, productivity, engineering, and product and process design in multiple industries and organizations.

Our expertise can be found in the form of insights in the many best-selling books that have been authored by our leaders, managers, and consultants. You’ll see it in articles written about ASI and the solutions that we provide. You’ll also see it in the case studies that document how ASI has worked with our global clients. And you’ll see our expertise on display when you meet us at the many conferences and events that we either  participate or sponsor.

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See these books and other publications by leadership team:

  • The Difference – When Good Enough Isn’t Enough. A powerful guide to living a successful life and career, The Difference will inspire you to care more deeply about what matters most—at work, at home, and in your community.

  • Robust Optimization – a method to improve robustness using low-cost variations of a single, conceptual design. Features faster product development cycles; lower-cost, higher performing products and processes.

  • Quality is Everyone’s Business – complete learning program is designed to increase personal productivity and organizational cohesion. It also encourages problem solving and continuous improvement.

  • The Power of LEO* – the next-generation management system that emphasizes continuous improvement to achieve revolutionary levels of quality.

  • Design For Six Sigma (DFSS) – one of the first publications to describe methodology to determine the needs of customers and the business, and driving needs into all designs and solutions.

  • Robust Engineering/Taguchi Method – the first book that explained Taguchi’s revolutionary Robust Engineering methodology. Ddd flexibility to the organization, minimize product development costs, reduce product time-to-market, and fully satisfy customers needs.

  • Power of Six Sigma – explains the overall philosophy of Six Sigma effectively in a nonthreatening way, taking no more than a few hours to read for the average reader. Management concepts are plainly explained. Ideal for management training.

  • The Ice Cream Maker – the book uses a simple story to illustrate how businesses can instill quality into their corporate culture and into every product they design, build, and market. Excellent training material for rank-and-file employees.

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* LEO® is a registered Trademark of Subir Chowdhury.